The Best Tricks to Improve your Anxiety


I cannot imagine anything worse than the nervous, anxious feeling I got the night before my first public speech. The knots in my stomach were so fears that I rack my frame for an excuse to give the teacher. I did not want to do the assignment. I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning, frustrated, panic, I would have to give my speech with huge bags under my eyes.

Anxiety is an intense emotion that can strike at any time or place, before a simple daily activity or a life-changing decision.

For some people anxiety is only a minor interference in the process of achieving a goal. For many others it can be a force that is impossible to overcome. Anxiety can prevent the accomplishment of lifelong hopes and dreams.  

The next day I went to class and sat on the edge of my seat until I could not stand any longer. I forced myself to raise my hand to volunteer to go next to simply end my suffering. As I walk to the front of the room my position at the podium seem to feel forever.



I started to discuss animal testing and I knew that in less than five minutes the whole nightmare would be over. And soon I realized it wasn’t even that bad. Although I still tried giving speeches I eventually became more accustomed to speaking in front of many people. I would still have to force myself to volunteer So that I could get it over with.

The anticipation of giving the speech was a type of anxiety that I had to overcome to meet my requirements for graduation. Regardless of the outcome, to even contemplate a new challenge has changed her life.

It is a physical and emotional trigger that tells us when and where there is an opportunity for us to grow and become stronger human beings.

The other day I did my first presentation in front of a business owner and I was scared as shit. I practiced and practiced what I was going to say to them from in front of the mirror. I was determined to be prepared for the better. I wanted to prepared for anything they through at me.

I headed to the interview and to my surprise it went amazingly well. We got along so well and they believed I was an expert on my field and trust me with the sale.

I now made them a great website for their clients and they are helping me tell other businesses about my work. There site is an air conditioning repair Sacramento company that are simply the best in town.

Make sure to ask me about more of my work or would like to talk to me more about your business needs.


Top 5 best tips to help remove some stress out of your life:

1. Meditate 

A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety starting in the beginning of your day. It is simple as all you need is to be alone for 20 min a day, twice a day and close your eyes. You can have relaxing music in the back round. Let distracting thoughts float away.


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2. Breathe Deeply

Take a 5-minute break and focus on your breathing. Sit up straight, eyes closed, with a hand on your belly. Slowly inhale through your nose, feeling the breath start in your abdomen and work its way to the top of your head. Reverse the process as you exhale through your mouth.

3. Be Present

Slow down.

 Notice how the air feels on your face when you’re walking and how your feet feel hitting the ground. Enjoy the texture and taste of each bite of food.

When you spend time in the moment and focus on your senses, you should feel less tense.

4. Reach Out

Your social network is one of your best tools for handling stress. Talk to others — preferably face to face, or at least on the phone. Share what’s going on. You can get a fresh perspective while keeping your connection strong.

5. Tune In to Your Body

Mentally scan your body to get a sense of how stress affects it each day. Lie on your back, or sit with your feet on the floor. Start at your toes and work your way up to your scalp, noticing how your body feels.

What is the real meaning of your Birthday?


It’s almost my 25th birthday in less than a month and I have no idea what I want to do.

But what I do want to do is get a limo and drive around with the people closest to me. Just not have to worry about somebody driving and I want everybody to have a good time.

I looked online for the best possible Sacramento limos And it was really hard to find because a lot of websites were disorganized. I looked through a lot of reviews in a lot of phone calls were made to different businesses. Eventually I found the best one which is called limo Sacramento and they specialize in limos basically in the Sacramento area.

It was simple to book for my birthday with high quality customer service. I’m really excited for my birthday because they only come once a year and you hardly ever going to limo unless it’s a prom date or your boyfriend is really rich and those are both rare or happen in rare occasions. I’m thinking maybe the Napa Valley to go wine tasting or maybe even go to San Francisco for the day.

We might go to the club at night and just drink and have a limo take us where we want to go just going to little adventure. I’m still trying to decide the details of the night. I want to make sure all my guess have a good time and don’t worry about who’s going to be the designated driver.

It’s kind of sad because last year I invited my friends and they were  going to make me drive on my birthday. Some friends huh ? I don’t know if it’s me or am I don’t I don’t know if I’m just not a good friend but I feel like I’m a good friend and I always feel like I get taken advantage of. This year I felt like I pretty much lost all my friends and my only friend is my boyfriend and his cousins who sometimes I don’t like to hang around because then my boyfriend ignores me.

So hopefully this year it’ll be a better birthday and I’ll find some friends I would like to go with me in this limo and hopefully I don’t have to invite my boyfriend’s cousins to go with me either. But definitely I really like this limo service so visit here to go to their website and check them out if you live in Sacramento or planning to make a visit stay in sac town to visit family or friends. All right till next time, i’ll let you know how my birthday goes.



3 Simple Tips To Gain Good Muscle

Simple Tips To Gain Good Muscle

Muscle building is not easy.If it was, everyone you know would be 250lbs of pure muscle.

Muscle building takes time and effort, and if you aren’t willing to dedicate your time and put in extreme amounts of effort, then you are wasting your time. 


Muscle building requires 3 steps:

1: The most important step is the weightlifting, which must be done correctly.

This includes your workout routines and programs, as well as the actual exercises that you do. Your workout routine must allow your entire body to get the best workout it can (so that you are not overtraining), and you must do the most effective muscle building exercises.

2.Diets are just as important as the actual weightlifting, because if you aren’t eating to grow, then you will NOT grow.

You have to eat big, to lift big, to get big. Say that over and over again to yourself until you fully understand it. Some of the diet basics are eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight EVERY DAY whether you worked out that day or not.

Protein is the building block of muscle. If you can’t get at least 1 gram of protein per pound every day from real food, then use a whey protein supplement like powder and bars. Most people use them, and so do I. Click here for more info on protein supplements. Eating very little (if any) saturated fat is important as well. You want to get big, but you don’t want to get fat. Also stay away from the rest of the junk food like cookies, candy, cake, anything high in sugar, soda, fast food, fried food, etc. and make sure you are eating enough calories!

You have to eat big to get big.

3.This includes overtraining and giving your body enough time to rest and recover from your workouts.

Make sure you are not overtraining! Overtraining can be just as bad as not training at all. (Click here to learn more about overtraining) This step also includes motivation and dedication. If you aren’t consistent, then you are wasting your time. You must stay dedicated and stay motivated. The results won’t come easy, and they won’t come very fast either, so stay dedicated, and stay consistent, and do all 3 steps correctly, and the muscle building results WILL come!

The best bodies are the result of hundreds of hours of effort. Start slowly, don’t be discouraged yet don’t expect miracles if the muscle gods are not with you for your body type.

The fitness and health you attain will be assets that will stay with you for as long as you keep training. 

The 9 Best First Date Tips of all Time

The first date is never a relaxing experience.

You have to worry about many things. Their basic rules that may sound silly but are so obvious. There often disregarded and ignored with some consequences. Try to make your first date as comfortable as possible and here are some rules.

1. Pick an activity you both like

Picking something that you enjoy doing has some avenges. It will make sure that at least one of the two people is having a good time. It also offers a little bit of hints to who you are, and that’s a very honest thing. It also sets the stage for something that you can afford. Do not try to bait break the bank on the first date.

2. Find an activity that you can afford

Don’t try to show off how much money you have by spending random things on your first date. If you spent so much money on the first date how do you expect the rest of the relationship to go. Unless you have that kind of money how do you expect to keep that type of spending up? It also makes you look cheap later when you don’t spend more on second date then the first date.



3. You don’t have to Buy new clothes

On the first date you should feel comfortable and new clothes are often uncomfortable because they can rip or you can spill something on your new outfit that causes more stress. Why why worry about clothes on your first date, why not worry about if your teeth are brushed or if you smell nice. Where your easy and happy, appropriate clothes. They work just as well.

4. Go where you can talk

Make sure that your first day is somewhere that you can get to know the other person. Often people go to the movies but it doesn’t give you the same opportunity to talk. So if you’re somebody who does like movies tried to go to dinner after so that you guys have an opportunity to get to know each other and communicate rather than staring at a screen and then saying bye.

5. Go to a place that is easy to get t0 for the both of you.

Make sure that your first day is not somewhere really far away but rather close to your home. The reason is because super far away is very risky. If you don’t end up liking the person now you have to travel a long way back home. You also don’t know the person so you don’t want to go really far away with the stranger you’re barely meeting.

6. Pick an activity that does not involve alcohol.

Both of you are going to be nervous but don’t let alcohol get involved especially if you have to drive home. I’ll can haul can deceive the other person.

7. Leave time to get to know each other

The purpose of the first date is the chance to get to know one another without a bunch of distractions. You need to talk and ask each other a lot of questions.

8. Make sure your date is not with an audience

What I mean is don’t include your friends your family any exes any kids any animals any parents any coworkers on your date. Those will be left for other days. The first date is strictly between you and your date.

9. Find an activity that last more than a couple of hours.

This is so you guys have enough time if you are having a good time to talk more. It’s the first day ends up going bad that you still live close and you can go home whenever you want. But the first day is going good you want to make sure you have enough time to keep the happiness going. So after those good few hours you’ll keep them wanting more and you’re both anticipate date too.


How I lost 15 pounds with 21 day fix!

Here is my 21 fix story…

I graduated from the University of the Pacific with a bachelor of arts in psychology. There I play Division I soccer for the woman soccer team and I was in the best shape of my life.

After graduating I had to get a big girl job which included sitting at a desk all day long. Me, the active person that I’m used to being was not used to sitting in a chair and a tiny office for eight hours, and 40 hours a week.

All people do at work is work and eat sit and eat work and sit and eat. I got kind of used to these unhealthy habits and began to gain weight.

I hated how I looked I had a flabby tummy some flabby arms and flabby legs. I was going crazy and didn’t know what to do. I went to Facebook one day and saw my friend who I used to play soccer with.

She posted some before pictures of her before drinking a specific shake as well as the after photos. She looks good in her before pictures but her after pictures made her look like she was in amazing shape.

 I wanted to look just like her.

Immediately, I messaged her and asked what she was doing. She told me she was doing a 21 day challenge drinking a shake name shakeology and working out only 30 minutes a day.

Instantly I thought this was going to be super easy if I did it. She was selling the shake so I bought it from her and the videos. On July 14, 2015 I started doing the 21 day challenge and began drinking the shake  drink every morning.

I also finished reading the book the miracle morning and decided to implement it.

I began waking up at 5:30 AM every morning to work out for 30 minutes and shower and go to work. After 21 days and three weeks of doing the workouts and drinking the shake  I began to notice differences in my body.

My stomach was definitely flatter my neck was totally flat or with one chin and my legs felt stronger.

During this time I was also waking up at 5 AM and going to see my personal trainer every Tuesday and Thursday. I will work out with him for an hour on those days. His name is Mike and he’s in the Sacramento area if you want to check them out he’s awesome but boy are his work out hard. This 21 day John’s was really an eye-opening situation for me because I really look different.




Interview with Julia Rios, The best grandma in the world

Interview with Julia Rios


Julia Rios is my grandmother.

She is the seventh child of eight siblings born in Jalisco, Mexico to the parents Maria Padilla and Armando Vallejo. Born on July 24th 1921, she is currently 92 years of age.

I see my grandmother every Wednesday morning at 9am at Ihop where we meet up for breakfast with my step- grandfather and my parents.

I took this time to ask my grandmother about her life. My grandmother is the most wonderful woman I know and she did not hesitate to tell me about her life stories. She is known in my family as “Mama Julia”.

I began the interview by asking my grandmother about her family, siblings, and the way she was raised by her parents. Born into a wealthy family in Mexico in 1921, Mama Julia grew up on a ranch with eight other siblings.

Her family had horses, goats, chickens, and ducks that she remembers taking care of as a child. Being girl. Her father was a very positive influence in her life telling her to pursue her dreams, but was also a force to be reckoned with when it came to discipline.

If her or her siblings got out of hand they were guaranteed either “el cinto,” which means “the belt” in Spanish, or “la chancla,” which means “the sandal,” to their ass as punishment. Her parents were very traditional and strict because they only wanted the best for their children.

One of the main reasons for them being very strict was because they did not want to be embarrassed in public with out of control children. She is very grateful for the way she was raised and used the same techniques on her own children.

I then changed the topic and asked my grandmother about the type of schooling she received in Mexico as a young girl.



Mama Julia’s education was limited and cut short at 6th grade. She remembers loving school very much; however she stopped because she began to work.

Her first job consisted of her and her siblings going to the fields and picking tomatoes with her family. She has always wanted to return back to school because she loves to learn and wishes she had learned English when she was younger.

Today, her primary language is still Spanish as she never had the opportunity to learn English like she once wished. As she began to grow older, boys began to notice her.

As a teenager, she loved to wear dresses, jewelry, and make up. She would consider herself as a girly girl. She remembers many guys trying to woo their ways into her heart, but at the age of 19 she fell in love with my grandfather, Francisco Vega.

That same year they were married and she was pregnant with her first child. She moved into her husband’s families home where she learned how to cook and clean for her family. By the time she was 30 years old she had had 13 pregnancies and eight children.




My father was the last successful child born in 1957. With many more mouths to feed and living in Mexico, Mama Julia and Francisco had the opportunity to immigrate to America in 1963.

In order to give her children a better life and allow them to have opportunities she never had, Mama Julia packed up her stuff and took her eight children to Sacramento, California. Border security at the time was not as strict making traveling a car to California easier than today.

Getting their life situated, Francisco staying in Mexico for a while to get the rest of their belongings. When he came to join his family in California things took a turn for the worst. Mama Julia called it, “el peor dia de su vida,” which means, “the worst day of her life.”

Spending a lovely day with her oldest daughter and my aunt, Ofelia, she caught her husband Francisco cheating on her with another woman at the movie theaters. After confronting him, it was confessed that he not only been with another woman, but he also had two other daughters with her.

Being Catholic, divorce is frowned upon, but she made the choice because she still wanted the best for her children as they were her number one priority. Ironically, two years later my grandfather, whom I have never met, got diagnosed with cancer and died.

He left my grandmother alone with ten children; opening her arms to the two daughters my grandfather had had with another woman. Five year later, she met Ruben Rios.

Mama Julia told me that she felt like she would never trust another man again, but my step father Ruben proved her wrong. He told her that if she married him she would take care of her and her eight children and bring them into his home.

She is very grateful to have met such a good man because he was able to be the father figure that her children never had with their real father. He was able to provide all her children with opportunities in America that they would have never achieved in Mexico.

While her children were going to school she had many side jobs to keep busy since she only knew how to speak Spanish and was not degreed. She was a cleaning lady in an American families home, she cooked and sold her food around the town, and she learned how to read cards and get paid to tell other people about their psychic readings.

Being a full time mother and working part time in different side jobs, one of the things she also wished she could have learned was to drive. Throughout the entire time she was in Mexico and California, not once did she learn how to drive.

To this day she had never had her license. As the years went on and her children began to get older and get married, her family began to grow.

Today Mama Julia has 25 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren. She had dedicated her life to her growing family. I asked her what is the most important thing in her life and without hesitation she said her family and God.

She has had many challenges and struggles in her life, but she is very grateful for her children. She only has one photo of her parents who died after she had moved to California and has seen six of her eight siblings pass.

Through everything she has been through, she tells me that she is not afraid to die. She is very grateful for the life she has lived and prays everyday for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I concluded the interview by asking my grandmother who is her favorite grandchild. She said I was.

World Traveler



World Traveler

To me the world is an adventure. I am fascinated by the different cultures and languages around the world. I would love to not only learn, but be a part of a new world that I am not accustomed too. I have lived in California and the United States my entire life, and as it is a wonderful place to live to me it is not enough. I want to explore and find out how others live around the world. Since I was little girl, Spain has been the most fascinating place I have ever heard of. To be a part of something that I find so fascinating would be beyond amazing.

This experience would change my life. I am a 22 year old graduating senior who loves to learn, but I have not learned enough to satisfy my needs.. I finished college so quickly because learning is my passion. To study abroad would mean that I would have to learn a completely new way of living and learning. I would have to learn to be independent and use my own resources to get ahead. It would mean that I would meet new people that have gone through life differently and I would get to learn through their own personal experiences and perspectives. My goal to study abroad in Spain is to come back home like a Spanish native and I am completely ready.

The Spanish culture is so divine that I would love to be a part of it. I already speak some Spanish, but I would love to be fluent in both reading and writing. I want to know the ins and outs of the Spanish language. I am pursuing a career in linguistics and being fluent in both Spanish and English would put me ahead. However, learning Spanish in America is different from learning Spanish abroad. In Spain I would be required to speak Spanish 90 percent of the time if not more and what a great way to learn when you are constantly practicing and learning even when you are out having fun.

Traveling the world and learning are my two biggest passions. To learn in Spain would only be the beginning of the many discoveries I am excited to pursue.


Regina and Honey.



As my first post, I would like to talk about how to give  your life some SPICE.

Nowadays, all people do is go on there laptop or phone and stare at what other people are doing and never really do anything themselves. They just sit and stare, sit and stare, and ill add one more sit and stare.

In the old days they did not have a laptop or cell phone with “55 inch screens. They had a soccer ball, a basketball, a few rocks and a stick. People were forced to interact, talk, and play with each other ( not that way you dirty minded).

Instead of sitting all day staring. Go outside. Go for a run with your dogs or friends. Go get your lazy ass off the couch and find a personal trainer for the next six months because you are going to Vegas in a few months so you look good for all the girls/guys.

Visit Here. That is the link to my personal trainer who is keeping my body looking fly. Yes, FLY as a mother. You’re jealous. You’re welcome, Felicia.

I wonder who gets my blogs, LOL.

I find myself on my phone all the damn time. All the time. That is not good. I am at work and I  am on my phone because I do not want to work. I want to be at the beach. I want to wake up when I want every morning, may that be early, or late, or super super late.

I want that decision in my life. So what is the problem, you ask. Well you need time for that. BUT wait, there is more. You need Money for that. DAMN IT.

Well, how do you get more money? A Job? Umm.. yes, but you cannot get enough in time to enough it. So why do you get a job?

You get a job for the soul purpose of  getting decent money in the mean time while you plan, strategize, calculate, educate, and implement your million dollar journey ahead. That is the only reason.